Sunday, November 18, 2012

Bass Pro

We darted in Bass Pro on a Saturday to look at a few Christmas gifts.
We have just a few more gifts to buy and Bass Pro or Cabela's always seems to have the perfect thing.
When we walked in, the husband and I exchanged looks knowing exactly what the other was saying.
What the hell did we just get ourselves into?
Both girls squealed with excitment seeing the winter wonderland.
No gifts and a couple hours later, we left.

 Poor Harper love scratched her arm on a chair she climbed through.
I have it covered in bactroban and wrapped.
 Big day in our house before heading out.
A tiny bow clipped in.
And the paci is back in the mouth.
Nearly a week, she was unable to suck on it.
That one, is our only one in that style we can find.
Luckily, cousin Leslie is to the rescue!

We bought new washers and dryers yesterday but between Lowe's delivery schedule and ours, it will be a while before they arrive. We decided on a top load again even though I LOVE the front loads. I've just known people to have leaks and after our flood (it was with a top load), I'm just scared. I'm also worried about Harper climbing in the washer in a front load since you have to let them air out.  Luckily, my MIL let us invade last night for 5 hours to do some laundry. Mainly towels and our mattress pad/sheets that Harper peed on. I still have at least four loads to do at a laundry mat.

Hailey Grace is hoping to get some of the Christmas decorations up even though we still won't have our floors in until after Thanksgiving. She is determined to get the tree up and her purple tree up.

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