Friday, November 2, 2012

Last weekend - Texarkana

Last weekend we headed to Texarkana for a couples shower for Brooke and Todd.
The shower was so nice and beautiful at the Courts house.
Both girls love going to Txk so they can see their Poppy.
Lucky for us, he had just been here during the week with us so both girls were eager to get there.
Traffic was rough of course heading out of town but after arriving, it was smooth sailing.
Friday night was Zapata's, our treat to dad for letting us take over his house.
Saturday, the two men braves Lee's Catfish with the girls while I handled the shower.
I think it was a hit with the girls!
Sunday, we spent the afternoon with Sulphur Springs with our wonderful family there.
HG would live next door to them if possible.

So yes, you could say we have had a busy two weeks!

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