Friday, November 23, 2012

Things lately

We manged to put the tree up.
We did it before Thanksgiving.
Is that bad?
I thought it was our only free weekend until after Christmas.
Looks like we have another, score!
 Yes, the tree was leaning.
Hey, it sat in storage for a while and then was fully flooded recently.

 Baby girl was sick, bad sick.
From ear infection so bad in her left ear that is was bleeding to not eating at all.
Like nothing at all for 48 hours.
Still having 7 dirty diapers a day with no eating.
I was a pretty worried Momma.
Throwing up once, the runs (still happening) and the list goes on.
Her tonsils are so big naturally that she chokes all the time.
Her stomach flu or maybe strep or whatever, it has passed but the dirty diapers are still going on.
We have two more days to let them ease up and we will have to be tested for an infection from antibiotics.
I think we are switching doctors as well.
Very important things were missed or blown off recently.
Things that shouldn't have been and it hasn't been the first time.
 She loves headbands and bows but only to play with.
 First meal in 48 hours was pancakes thanks to my MIL!!
She instantly felt better and color was coming back after calories!
 It has been beautiful weather lately!
I'm sure Harper is taking a bite of chalk in this picture.
 Claire Bear is getting ready for the Holidays.
HG is obsessed with cameras.
Costco during the Holidays.
Their lists keep growing.

1 comment:

  1. Your tree is SO pretty!

    I'm so glad Harper finally ate and is getting better. It's so worrisome for us mamas when our babies are sick.

    When we go to Costco, I try to avoid the toy aisle sometimes. :)

    We have a large tree that has to be put together limb by limb...and I told Kevin to keep that one in the attic this year. :) I hope I'm not being a grinch! We are putting up our 4 foot tree that is easy, and already has pre-strung lights.

    Enjoy your weekend.