Wednesday, November 7, 2012

Flood Three

Yes, you read that correctly.
Flood THREE happened at our house.
Not sure if it is a sign.
Or Karma.
We may or may not have been checking out a few houses the day before.
Maybe our washing machine got word of it.
Either way, the washer broke.
A busted hose and no telling what else.
It is amazing how fast the water filled the downstairs.
I'm talking less than 10 minutes.
The husband ran down the street quickly and the girls and I were home.
HG ran into the kitchen, slipped and fell.
I heard it and thought it was strange.
I mean it sounded like a splash park.
That is never a good sound coming from inside the home.

Luckily, she was just fine but this momma wasn't.
Harper was down for a nap during and the husband was pulling up in the drive way.
I was freaking out.
The water, it covered the entire downstairs.
 So for now, we are in a big two room suite at the Hampton Inn.
I have covered everything in lysol more than once.
Wiped everything down a million times.
Even cleaned the shower myself.
I'm working hard to keep the girls well.
Two more sinus infections and those crazy adenoids are coming out.

 The wood is gone.
I LOVED the wood.
I don't think we can get the exact floor.

 The wood is out, the floor through out is bare concrete with 34 fans and 3 humidifiers.
So hard for the girls not to be able to go downstairs.
Lets not even talk about the noise.
Goodness, the noise.
Harper sleeps nicely in it though, kind of a white noise to her.

HG at dance today with a smile on her face.

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  1. I am so sorry about the flood. Just unbelievable! I hate that you are going through all this mess, again.

    Sweet HG, she looks so cute in her dance outfit.