Friday, November 2, 2012

Great Wolf Lodge

The husband arranged for a night and another full day at GWL.
The last time we headed there, I was a mere 8 weeks pregnant with Harper Love.
The site of the rolling waters had me wanting to toss my cookies.
Lets not even talk about what happened when I went ankle deep.
So I was just as excited as HG was.
Well, actually more so,
HG had no earthly idea.
We've known for a couple of weeks and knew she would be super duper excited.
Not only did we have a great weekend last week, Halloween this week AND she was line leader all week, she got to take Ollie home.
So Ollie and GWL, it was a four year olds dream.

I will say, Harper probably loved it all more than us three combined.

 Fist pump!
Ha, she was really waving to every single person there.

Week days are perfect.
Weeks days during the school year.
Weekends are nuts.
We left today and it was FULLLLLLLL.
Yesterday and today until 2, no lines and perfect amount of people.
Looking forward to heading back early in 2013.

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  1. Kevin and I need to take Boyd there sometime soon. I checked on it before, but it is so pricey! I need to find out when the best rates are. I know he would love it. Great pictures! I bet HG was so excited to go.