Tuesday, July 2, 2013

Cows milk

What started out as a rough day, turned into a lovely one.

Harper had regular milk, cows milk. Negative ghost rider. That was an epic fail. Poop everywhere in her car seat. So much. Poor gal. She got a bath with water bottles out of the ice chest and baby shampoo from our boat. A good scrub, new clothes and a car seat with no cover now, we were back in business. She then managed to cry the entire 101 miles we drove. With less than 5 miles to our destination, she puked all over herself and the car seat that had already been taken apart. Once she got it out and out of the car, she was feeling great. Car sickness is brutal. Her 3 rd time it has happened. HG's began around 19 months. Ugh.

But....nothing a water hose and a lake can't fix. We had some great friends join us on their way back to Kentucky for some fun. The kids all had a blast and Zach, who has a birthday tomorrow, can wake board. So impressive!!! Oh, he is 6 tomorrow and wake boarding. Unreal. The girls have been acting like long lost sisters and having the greatest of times. It has been wonderful to spend time with them.

Arkansas should have lots of fire flies it lighting bugs.....we caught one last night but haven't seen a single one tonight. HG is on a mission, she wants to catch as many as she can this week.

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