Saturday, November 16, 2013

Birthday parties and friends

Friday greeted us with a birthday party for a school friend at Chuck e Cheese. Both girls were delighted since cold and flu season has started, we don't venture out there much. Even though we go at 9:30 in the morning, we tend to steer clear for a few months. Luckily, like most times when we go, the place was not busy except for our group. The kids played, danced and ate. Harper guzzled two pieces of pizza down and those who know her know that is huge. She likes the crust of pizza but ate it last time we were there as well.

After CEC, we headed to another fun event, a play date with some friends of ours. Heidi and I chatted while the kids played and snacked. I decided on a chocolate milk shake since having pizza at the party and thinking the girls would like to try it. No, not a sip from either one and I was sick as a dog Friday evening. Far too much dairy even for being pregnant. At least it was good while I sipped it. We had SO much fun playing though and her boys are sweet as can be. I love sweet boys!

Saturday morning came early, 6:30 to be exact. One of our neighbors were beating in what sounded like metal pipe. On a Saturday. I wasn't happy but dealt with it and climbed out of bed. I thought Harper would surely be up soon but with a 20 minute nap on Friday, she slept until 8:30. Win-win in or book. I had all of our breakfast stuff set up buffet style l, pancakes and chorizo cooking by the one she woke. Some of or besties were in town attending the Pearl Jam concert and spent the morning with us. Cristin also happens to be Harper's Godmother so I love when they spend time with one another. Breakfast was good and filling then the kids took off running wild. HG enjoys playing with Tyler so much, he is another sweet boy. Oh how we wish we lived closer to them. We tried to talk them into Indianapolis today but that wasn't on the top of their list. :). Cristin had their 2nd little boy, Landry, in July and it was our first times meeting him. I can't believe 4 months slipped away without seeing that precious baby. He belly laughs, oh my word, totally in love.

It seems our weekend has already been full of so much fun and love that my heart is happy. Both girls are snuggled next to me, in their panties, watching Doc. Perfect Saturday afternoon.

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