Sunday, November 10, 2013

A lil' bit of everything

It has just been the girls and I lately.
The husband has been traveling for work and managed to squeeze a 4 day hunting trip over the weekend.
Must be nice I tell ya.
The girls and I started taking down Halloween and Fall to begin putting up Christmas.
I can only do so much at one time because I am supposed to be very careful even thought not on bed rest or close yet.

First soccer picture
Thank you to those who came to watch her

Fell asleep on the way to school

The girls working on our entry Christmas tree that is 9 feet tall.
And heavy.Our first year to have an entry Christmas tree but we figured since we can't travel, we will decorate.

The girls put their purple one upstairs tonight.
It is no longer on that ledge, HG managed to pull it down a few times.

Look for her on
Her shoes hurt and she was throwing a massive fit, I was past the point of caring.
Walmart two days in a row, three times in two days.
I seriously hate that place.
IG and FB post
We met Grandmommy for Mass this morning and then lunch at La Madeline's 
The girls were thrilled to see her and did pretty well in Mass. 
Always awesome to have an extra hand with the girls during it.
Thank you for treating us to lunch and stuffing us.

They live for bath time.

Stuffed mushrooms from last night.
Too bad the husband missed out on some yummy dinners lately.

I'm wrapping books from various places to begin this with the girls on the 1st.

Friday night pizza night.
Upstairs to be exact.
That is a no no at our house but daddy was gone. :)

Poppy bought HG an ant farm.
We ordered the ants and paid via Paypal, a few days later they arrived in the tube below.
The girls love them surprisingly, me not so much but as long as the lid stays on I am good.

Making our craft on Sunday evening, a wreath snowman.
So easy and the girls are loving it.

Have a good week.
Our plans keep changing to to rain or cold weather.
Harper has been fighting a killer sinus infection and needing her nebulizer 

Hopefully, she is on the mend with a 3 week round of antibiotics we already had to change once.
She can handle just about any antibiotic but this certain one so we switched to a different family of meds.

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