Sunday, November 3, 2013

Halloween 2013

Halloween this year was once again low key. We tend to stick close to home, cook and let the girls trick or treat our street. Last year, our neighborhood was pretty impressive with haunted drive ways and skeletons crawling out of yards. This year, we weren't so impressed but both girls still managed far too many treats. I am 100% okay with people giving out pretzels and such, but my pregnant self has really enjoyed the whoppers and tootsie rolls. I took the candy and put it in big ziplock bags at the top of the pantry. I give them a piece a day. So mean. I know HG ate her weight in candy while walking around last night and was hiding the wrappers. :)

HG went back and forth on what she wanted to be and finally decided on a witch for school and Taylor Swift for Halloween night. Apparently it isn't cool to sport the same costumes for each event. She almost threw on Ariel again or her wedding dress to be a bride just has her friend Kalli was pulling up. Taylor Swift won the battle and what a super cute TS she was. Kalli was a fairy butterfly with massive glittery wings that both girls loved.

Harper would not consider anything but Brobee. With all the adorable costumes we have, she threw fits for Brobee. I scored a 12 month pajama set for $6 at Walmart, squeezed her into it, added a tutu and 3 spikes in her hair. Perfect for her! She was quite the entertainment in our neighborhood and at school. Bouncing around, so pleased to tell everyone who she was dressed like and would yell trick or treat as she began walking up the drive ways. Never once did she forget to thank the person, wave bye bye and tell them she would see them later. Such sweetness in her and only went into a couple of homes.

The Holcombes and the husband's parents joined us this year for trick or treating and dinner. Terri and I took the girls, filled their bags and then brought them back to play. HG and Harper were missing Kalli so really enjoyed seeing everyone. Grand mommy showed up with orange pumpkins full of Halloween items for both girls which they went crazy over.

Halloween day was spent at the girls school for Hailey Grace's Halloween parade and party. Harper wore her Brobee costume to school that morning allowing them to trick or treat around the school. They then changed back into normal clothes for the rest of the school day. Her class was napping during this time so we thought it would be great one on one time with HG. No, all she wanted to do is go peek in and see if Harper was up in her class yet. They fight around the clock but when Harper wasn't having fun at the party, HG was upset. She really does love her baby sister. :)

Who knows what we will have planned for Halloween 2014. A six year old, a three year old and a nine month old. I love trunk or treats at Churches or maybe we will get into a great neighborhood in Indiana. It wasn't much colder up there on Thursday but Friday there was a big difference.

Sadly, our Halloween decorations are jut about down and fall will come down soon. We will be putting Christmas up before the end of November this year so I can still do the majority of it. I don't hang lights on trees or houses but love helping the girls put everything out. The lights are the husband's job!

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