Saturday, November 23, 2013


Lunch date Tuesday with the husband at Freebirds, laughter within the girls and the smell of pot roast in the slow cooker make our hearts happy. Oh HG was not a happy camper that we dined at Freebirds without her. AGAIN! Sweet papa brought her a pot brownie......that we all four shared.
We were so thankful for the warmer weather allowing us to play outside for a few hours this week.

I am however so sad we had to cancel our play date at the Arboretum Wednesday due to a prior engagement at the Church I forgot about. Smooth move! The first time, the weather was yucky and now we had to cancel. What a bummer but then Harper decided to pull a Harper this morning. Up at 3, didn't want to stay down until sun came up, neighbors dog going strong before dawn making her think the sun was up and I wasn't telling her. We have black outs on the back of her curtains to encourage sleep with her. Regardless, she was up at 3, might have had a short cat nap before allowing her to get up at 7:30. I will say I spent the morning in there to help keep her quiet, snuggle and keep warm. Her room was freezing even with fleece sleepers and blankets. :/ poor gal, she is one that when she wakes, she is up. She wanted waffles, dried hubba hubbas (freeze dried strawberries), milk and Cheerios all at 3 am. We have since kept the heater turned up and even big sister slept in there one night.

The girls love their Sonic water and ice.

Thursday is my weekly doctor appointment with my OBGYN. All is well there. Contractions still often but baby it tucked away good. He is scoring 8 out of 8 on the BPP each week and we love that. Fluid and cervix are still good. He will be weighed again Monday at Baylor but a week ago, he was right around 2 1/2 pounds. Buying little boy clothes has been so much fun. Lots of corduroy overalls for next fall and winter in Indy. Cristin reminded me of the great Carter's sale and who could resist their adorable outfits. I might have gone over board buying a head for fall and Church. :)  With a June 20 opening date  for Chris' first project, I don't think we will be focused on much more than listing, selling and moving this spring. Of course the date could always change but there is another big project a few short months after.
She was not happy about winterizing the boat.
My kids are all about their Ipad.
They love to watch movies on it, play learning games, etc.
It is the old school original one so no camera or facetime.
We limit the time on it and they share unless Daddy is in town.
This however is a little much in my opinion.
We've been reading Good Night moon for years.
Today was our annual Chi Omega Christmas market and lunch at Zodiac room. I look forward to this each year and always enjoy myself. Extremely sad that this will be my last year to attend, maybe forever. We were all amazed at the small amount of stuff we actually bought this year. Since all but a few items for Christmas have been purchased, I was solely enjoying myself and the company this year. Traffic was a breeze as well after much worry with the JFK tribute and leaving Neiman's at 5. Super light traffic in my opinion.  Getting from Irving to Keller was a different story, over an hour!  Last year, I took both girls with us to Chi Omega and it was such a treat I did not have to take them this year. Very odd that I go and do things without at least one, usually both girls in tow.  This however, is zero fun for kids and all I do is tend to them.

Neimans always decorates with the best.
Such a fun time walking around the place.

With the colder weather, we moved one of Camo's kennels inside.  Harper thinks it is hilarious.
AS you can tell.
She barks, pants and yelps like a litle puppy.
Then she wants to eat, I guess she thinks all dogs do is eat.

They slept together again.
HG came running in our room at 4:30 freezing and Harper was screaming into the monitor at 5:30 that she was freezing.
That is the night the heat went down to 60 and it as 62 at 5:30.
Needless to say, I always get up during the night and check on it now

HG's first lizard she caught. Then baby sister let it go.

Who needs a spoon with Froyo?

The husband, myself, Harper, Camo and Kalli made HG's school wheel this year.
Same as last years choices.

Santa needs to hurry with Harper's car because we have had cat fights.

Stay warm this weekend.
We are venturing out today for a small friend baby shower in Grapevine.
Super excited about that.
One of our lovely baby sitters will be playing with the girls and I am afraid they will never let her leave.
It is almost 8:30 and both of my girls are still asleep.
Kalli spent the night last so she and I were up by 6:30.
I wonder if HG will sleep last once starting Kindergarten next year.
And speaking of baby sitters, the girls went to their new baby sitter down the street yesterday from 8-4:30.
No kisses for mom at drop off, they were running to play.
Both girls loved it.
Chris was very impressed when he picked them up yesterday.
They even had a learning lesson and craft.
And it got them out of the house.
Win-win in my book.

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