Sunday, November 17, 2013

Date night and decorating

Saturday, we scheduled a baby sitter for 4 hours to meet good friends for dinner. Fortunately, the dinner and company was awesome but unfortunately, it took FOUR hours just for dinner. FOUR hours just for dinner, nothing else and we were 23 minutes late arriving home!

The husband and I had been craving Chuy's but decided on steaks along with our friends. The Stockyards is such a fun and exciting place for a date night so of we went. Cattleman's called our fancy so by the time we waited, ate and paid, our time was up. Dinner was actually served quick, the wait was long but we enjoyed ourselves. Always good, fun conversation with tons of laughs when we can meet up with Jason and Jessica. We had been trying for far too long!

Upon arrival home, both girls survived and the baby sitter wasn't tied up. Harper unfortunately was up SIX times from 11:30-6:30 but got her to sleep from then until 9:15. No, I wasn't lucky enough to crash right away because baby boy typically wakes at 6:30. His head that is measuring 3 weeks a head was working on bursting my bladder and his skinny legs were working on breaking a rib. He can't get his head out the spot it is in so he likes to bounce and stretch quite often. He is a BIG boy, soon to be THREE pounds. No nap today from Harper created a fussy kid who went down at 6:30. Not sure what got into her!

We woke to near perfect weather this morning and after Harper's night, we decided on evening Mass. This allowed for another big family breakfast and the husband pulled the rest of the Christmas items down. It might have take a while to go through each box deciding what to out out this year and what to keep boxed. The more we put out, the more someone else will have to put up....aka the husband or having to hire someone to do it. I spared him quite a bit, even though we are having a small Christmas party, I figured my sanity as well as the husband's came first. I don't want a tree up in February waiting to be taken down if the husband can't find time or we can't find a handyman. So we put up decorations, our main tree, simple mantle and a few other things. I think 4 plastic containers remained full for next year when I can do the majority of everything. The yard needs a quick raking tomorrow before we brave the decorations outside....we might wait until Thanksgiving to do the yard. Luckily, that is a incredibly super easy task. We will just toss the same items out there again this year to keep it simple but still cute and classy. Seriously nuts that Thanksgiving is so soon and Christmas is a month away. I am forever thankful I have just about finished shopping and everything else is on a list for easy picking up.

The boys across the street got rid of their game chairs today so HG asked how much she could buy them for. The sweet little boy told her they were free but needed a little work. One screw and one simple sewing job, they look brand new. am amazed at the conditions Both girls are totally in love and have enjoyed rocking them. The girls aren't into video games besides a Just Dance but over time they may enjoy the princess and learning ones. Otherwise, they will be a perfect addition to our basement in Indiana. Tomorrow after swim, we will be baking cookies and writing thank you notes.

As if we did not have enough meat last night, I served meatloaf stuffed bell peppers tonight accompanied by loaded mashed potatoes and broiled Parmesan tomatoes drizzled in olive oil. Our main oven is still out of business so it took a bit longer cooking them in the smaller one. Everything turned out delicious and the extra time allowed to put Harper down for the night.

Our week starts off slow but finishes quickly, like all other weeks.

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  1. I love that you have Christmas up already. I'm dragging my feet on it, but I do want to do it. Maybe this next weekend?! You look gorgeous! xo