Sunday, November 24, 2013

Shower for baby Hudson

Saturday afternoon we were given a super fun and neat shower. Meghan and Stephanie are by far the best hostess I've ever met and this shower was no exception.
Here are just a few pictures until we get more. As you can see, they went off the theme of the nursery and every detail was far too cute. Plus, a champagne bar AND a Bloody Mary bar, how could you not love it. I helped myself to a virgin Bloody Mary with all the fixings.
I always feel like I don't visit with everyone as I try to stand greeting and waving good bye to everyone. This shower was the same, I mostly hung out close to the front door but luckily I had good company floating through.
The girls are head over heels in love with Hudson's stuff as are Chris and I. We worked on the bed last night and will hopefully finish his room by Christmas. There isn't much left to do but what is left takes a little time and patience. Oh how i wish my Aunt was closer to decorate for me!! This week, my goal is to find bins for the changing table. I used pink bins for the girls and they held SO much, we loved them. But, I can count on both hands how many times we actually used the changing table part with both girls. I debated on even keeping it and might not when we move but it fits well with the nursery now. Plus the extra storage is awesome and cute changing pads are always good for the eye. :)

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