Saturday, November 16, 2013

The husband is home

The husband is home...finally! He was gone a total of 10 days this trip. Praying that as the Holidays grow closer, he stays closer. I have plenty of extra work just calling his name. :)

I spent a lot of time this past week interviewing new baby sitters for extra help, date nights and for when baby Hudson arrives. Our previous one moved away so when I needed a sitter, I couldn't find one. Now, I have 3 that we LOVE and one who watches them in her house that is sweet as pie. We even have a date night scheduled. And an annual girls day. Individual mommy-daughter time with each girl scheduled. And maternity pictures. I am pretty excited, a little free time before the madness hits. I went to Kroger ad Sprouts today alone. Amazing.

I slept 7 hours straight the other night with one bathroom break. I have not seen that in a LONG time. I was a newer, nicer person this morning. :) even celebrated with pizza, cinnamon rolls, brownies, and more! 8 slices of pizza before all the desserts created a major belly ache. I think this boy is making me eat far too much. The next night, up 3 times with Harper. :/

Harper's sinus infection and chest flare up is MUCH better. So much better! She is not contagious what so ever and back at school this week. Praise The Lord for those 5 hours! Tuesday into Wednesday, she even slept 10 hours before waking. That is HUGE for her. Usually, in the colder months, she is up coughing or wheezing. We're 99% sure what triggered this last spell, thankfully and can be more aware next time we make that trip. The better we are with being one step ahead of her breathing treatments, the more improvement we see.

HG is very into wrapping and putting the gifts out...already. I told her she must wait until the weekend is here because our tree that the gifts go under is not up yet. But I gave in. Of course I gave in. It benefited us as well, gifts that I no longer have to hide are wrapped. Score! Makes me a little nervous having gifts under the tree at the front door but we will move by Sunday and you can't see them unless you are actually in our house. I haven't found a tree skirt I love for yet so it would cover up the lovely Miller lite towel under the tree. I hope I have an extra in the attic. I am no longer allowed up there after hiding stuff in the inside attic. I was scolded. :) women apparently aren't allowed on ladders, step stools, slides, etc.

We're off to an exciting, fun filled weekend!

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