Wednesday, January 29, 2014

Baby Hudson

Sweet baby Hudson Christopher arrived just after lunch on Thursday only a couple hours after we arrived at Baylor.  Wednesday evening after spending the afternoon at the doctor and evening at the hospital, the Doctor on call decided to stop my contractions since they were slammed.  While they did not stop, they slowed and I was allowed I go home since I was due in at my doctor in 12 hours again. Little did we know that in less than 24 hours, 19 to be exact that we would be holding our son.

Thursday morning at 4:15 hit and I knew something wasn't right. Contractions weren't stopping, I could have sworn I was starting my period and  crazy things were happening. Turns out I went from a 1-3+ in a couple of hours, already thinned and there really wasn't any stopping it. Chris and I had both planned on making it a few more days and had already planned on what we needed to take care of.  Chris and I arrived at Baylor shortly after noon and at 2:31, Hudson Christopher was born. So two hours after arriving to L&D, the husband was holding our son. Craziness

Between my doctor appointment and the hospital.
Last belly picture with Hudson in my belly and last pregnant picture ever.

My pain management doctor/anetheologist was amazing. I had a horrible C Section experience with Harper after an amazing one with HG, a full 12 week recovery verses a 5-6 one. I had discussed all of this prior to the OR and he assured me that once the baby out out, he would keep me pumped full if stuff. That he did. My doctor and his partner had me opened much wider this time so it was a little uncomfortable. Ater delivery, he took care of a few things then on the way out to finish up, he found a blood clot. He and the other doctor went back through and checked each and everything they could see. Pretty scary. Not only was there a blood clot but my placenta was in bad shape upon pulling out. Placenta calcification and the blood clot could have been a bad combo. This showed us that God was watching over us through out this pregnancy, that he always is and how incredibly thankful we always are for that. 
HG meeting Hudson for first time.
Baby hair is amazing.
In the OR before anyone held him.
Hanging out in Daddy's arms, sitting next to Momma, waiting on Momma to finish surgery.
Oh dear, two big sisters for real?
First time to hold him.
Loving on little brother, we ended up taking Harper to hospital since she has been doing so well.
Meghan and Stephanie brought carrot cake and cheese cake. Yum!
Sweet friends loving on Hudson.

Mia and HG loving on Hudson.

We had to give a few extra calories one afternoon.

Jason and Jess came to visit and join in the craziness of two girls visiting their brother.
Proud big sister.

Miss Jess holding baby Hudson.
This is a blueberry cupcake that tasted like an amazing blueberry muffin topped with incredible icing. The husband and girls brought them to me along with two carrot cake ones . All were incredible.
Sweet baby Hudson.  I lived in this pajama set the entire time. I might have even worn it home from the hospital.
Ready to take on the world.

Bringing Mommy a chocolate chip cookie cake bite. 
Lots of sweet cravings. Delivering always throws my thyroid off and I crave sweets for a bit. 
She was so excited to sit next to me in her bed playing IPad shortly after I got home.
Getting ready to head. We went through all of our clothes we brought but Mia send this snuggly one with Daddy the day we went home.

Heidi came to visit and even takes great pictures with her cell camera. )
Comparison of pregnancies.
Hudson, a few hours before delivery.
Hailey Grace, a few days before (like 3).
Harper, day before.

Things are going well with us being home. The girls know they can't bounce or climb on me but sometimes forget my legs are connected to my body. My pain level is good and looking forward to feeling better each day. My mom and sister have been here helping and we all are enjoying the extra hands.

Hudson's stats
36w5d (whoop!)
7 lbs 4 oz
20 inches long


  1. What a great story! Your baby bellies are so small compared to mine - of course my son was 8 lbs, 9 ozs and my daughter was 9 lbs - but you look amazing! So happy for a healthy baby!