Tuesday, January 14, 2014

Great Wolf Lodge

As one of the girls Christmas presents, Claire Bear left a night at GWL on the tree . We had originally planned on last Sunday only to have to reschedule for yesterday. Harper of course developed a right ear infection, sinus infection AND strep on Saturday so we couldn't join the over night fun. Chris and HG arrived on Sunday and spent the evening swimming, eating pizza and one too many sweets. We were highly jealous as we washed sheets , lysoled once again and battled ants in two different places.  We seriously can not wait to sell this place and be ant free but that is a whole other story. 
Heading off with Olllie.
I don't think she was told no the entire time she was there. 

Everyone wears pajamas!
She loved the one on one Daddy attention.
Late night brownie with Daddy.
Harper was puke and fever free for well over 24 hours come Monday, had 3 days of Omnicef in her system and an urgent call to get into our ENT this week allowed us to join around lunch today. We were assured that we were no longer contagious from the strep, to plug her ears and that the chlorine would be great for her sinuses. Would you believe she was clear the entire time at GWL?!? Of course if you have been there then you know all sbout the strong chlorine. We were practically scratching our skin off by the time we were done and I lubed the girls up a time or two with Aveeno oatmeal lotion. Normally we only use certain stuff on the girls but the oatmeal added supposedly helps the itch right now. HG is itching currently like crazy and can't sleep because of it.

Such a fun place and it wasn't over crowded. We ate lots of junk, swam and sat in the luke warm hot tub. Once Harper found this, she never touched the pools again. She said they were too cold. Our girl does not like to be cold.
HG made friends with everyone she met which provided hours of entertainment while the husband worked. 

She LOVED this but being dairy, it caused for a lovely belly ache later. She was still gassy 6 hours later! 
The finished product was all hot pink. ALL hot pink . It has been washed twice since arriving home after 6 with hopes the colors are set and won't bleed. Thank goodness Harper was asleep during all these markers!
Harper and I left them doing all their quests. We participated in one or two but it is time consuming and  lots of up and down of floors. Plus, it was late and we had stuff that needed to be done before school in the morning. We headed  home, had everything but Ollie washed and our baths taken again by the time they arrived. 
We can't wait to visit again soon.

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