Tuesday, January 14, 2014

Carpet cleaners & strep

I love clean floors, that is no secret. I vacuum upstairs 2-3 times a week depending on my energy and sweep/mop the kitchen nightly.  We have ants that will show up looking for water and if there is anything anywhere, we will find the entire colony of ants have invaded. Yuk! The entry and living are close behind to being done each night. Thanks to my new Shark navigator from Santa, the girls can help. HG can actually help sweep now and well Harper, she tries hard. But nonetheless, dirty floors are just something we don't do well with.  Even in vacation rentals, I sweep and mop while renting it. 

With all the sickness we have had lately and Hudson being only days away from making his appearance, we had to steam clean carpets. It was amazingly easy and even more amazing the dirt and stuff it cleaned. Then strep hit again. Those who haven't experienced it yet with small kids, it can cause throwing up the first 14 hours. I was super thankful for having it. :)
35 week photo, on IG last week.  Man, it doesn't even look like same belly when I raise my shirt.

I see you.

Poor baby riding around on Saturday not feeling well.
Baby girl fit in a size 2T jean on Saturday. They might have been on the tightest loop and gave her the cutest tiny hiney but she kept them up. Heidi gave hem to her so she was very proud to let us all know where they came from.

Her quad four wheeler needed charging but she can make loops like crazy on this little thing.
We made after Christmas gingerbread houses from bass pro. Yep, they sucked. Seriously and they were still $2.50.
Saturday evening, she was miserable running a constant 101-103.5 fever even with a Tylenol/Advil rotation. 
Lowfat sausage balls. They were still 10 grams of fat per serving before the bisquick or cheese added. Gheez, they are so yummy! We are working on a lower fat version against the husband's argument. :)

Today is full of breathing treatments to hopefully prevent pneumonia from returning with this ugly and scary cough, packing hospital bags (maybe) and a little resting. Tomorrow, we have an appointment with our ENT to try and stay on top of the strep, sinus and ear infections. We figured out a plan previously and hopefully it just needs a little adjusting since Harper is older.
She is so tiny so we have trouble uppig her medicine since everything goes by weight.  HG was on higher doses at a year, Harper has been on most of the same dosages since 9 months!


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  2. “I love clean floors, that is no secret.” – I agree. There is nothing sweeter than to see our floors clean and shiny, and have clean carpets. It’s not an easy task to do, but despite all the things happening to you, your children, and around the house – you still managed to clean it 2-3 times a week. That’s amazing!

    Brad @ GLBCleaners.com