Tuesday, January 7, 2014

Hailey Grace's 1/2 Birthday celebration

I've said it a million times but I will say it again, I LOVE that HG's teachers celebrate 1/2 birthdays at school. So many kids have summer birthdays so this allows them to feel special amongst their friends at school. To top off celebrating their birthdays, they also get to be line leader and bring home Ollie. This is their class pet, a stuffed owl who everyone loves. 

Last year, we were lucky enough to have the same teachers and HG chose an Ariel 1/2  birthday celebration. When we found out the teachers were moving up to the oldest class, HG instantly began planning we 1/2 birthday and what she was going to do with Ollie. This year, she decided on a chocolate donut with pink sprinkles party followed by owl party favors. While the favors aren't too creative with my growing belly and every 7 minutes around the clock  BH's,  we added owls to most everything in the bag except the Sophia glitter tattoos and Doc McStuffins crayons. I'm sure the other two girls will love the glitter tattoos but 9 boys might be passing it on to their sisters.

Sadly, I wasn't able to participate in the 1/2 birthday celebration this year due to having doctor appointments each Thursday after drop off. Chocolate donuts with pink sprinkles were of course a hit with the kids and we brought  an extra dozen to share with the other teachers at school.  While HG ended up not having a nibble, we decided to bake a fudge chocolate cake with chocolate fudge icing to make up for it. One day, she will love a donut and the next, she won't touch it. I think she was motion sick this morning and overly excited for school but thank you for no throw up. 

We had two extremely worn out girls today. They were up late last night, Harper was up at 5:15 with gas and we were out the door by 8. I had everything washed from school (blankets, bags, stuffed animals, clothes, lunch boxes, jackets) and hung back up by 4:30. Germs be gone, we want to stay well! :)
Harper must have really enjoyed the cake.
She rarely ever gets sweets, except for fresh fruit, at dinner or after dinner. Her belly doesn't tolerate it well having it later in the day.
I think I had to scrub every inch of the kitchen. Typically, I sweep and mop each night after dinner but tonight was a major chocolate stuck on everything kind of night.
We have big plans for Ollie and the girls this weekend, so excited for them. :)

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