Monday, January 6, 2014

Slow cooker freezer meals

If you follow us on IG, you saw the post about HG and I preparing tons of meals . As of today, it is up to 36 meals whether lunch or dinner, they are ready to go. Well, probably will be 35 by the end of the day because I a feeling like I've been hit by a truck again.  I love Sprouts and their healthy selections of meats. If you watch for their sales, it is a win-win situation and HG loves all their chicken sausage in the fresh market.  That teamed up with a over flowing buggy from Kroger allowed us to prepare for his arrival. The meals should last us a good while, thank goodness. I know we won't eat one daily with family in town, Taco Tuesday and I'm sure a much needed pizza night.  HG helped until she got bored or worked up and began coughing. I shooed her out of the kitchen quickly when that began allowing her to have Disney Jr time. Harper, she refused to nap but was so good the majority of the day. She was really into Blue's clues yesterday and screaming at the TV. It was a hoot. She knows the clues and wants Steve to see see, right next to him.

Meals for when Hudson arrives.  This is mainly for us to remember and note which ones worked well. We've tried all of these except for the Lasagna.

*2 Whole chickens ready for slow cooker.  Add mixed vegetables and serve with potatoes.
* 9X13 pan of Lasagna- serve with bread and steamed broccoli. Fully cooked
*9X13 pan of Baked Ziti- serve with bread and steamed broccoli. Fully cooked
*2 uncooked, seasoned meatloaves- serve with potatoes and green beans
*Apple chicken sausage- serve with beans and a green vegetable.
*1 16 Cajun bean soup with turkey sausage- serve with cornbread. Fully cooked.
*1 16 bean soup, non spicy with turkey sausage- serve with cornbread. Fully cooked.
*Beef stew ready for slow cooker- serve with cornbread.
*3 Kroger cheese pizzas.
*2 BBQ slower cooker chicken ready for slow cooker- serve with Bush's beans, a green vegetable and bread.
*Mississippi roast ready for slow cooker- serve with loaded mashed potatoes and broccoli.
*2 cheese ravioli with marinara- serve with bread
*1 Sweet Italian sausage spaghetti sauce- just cook pasta, serve with bread. Fully cooked.
*1 HUGE thing of extra lean spaghetti sauce- just cook pasta, serve with bread. Fully cooked.  2 meals for sure and probably a 'sloppy joe' lunch.
*2 Southwest chicken roll ups, one topped with cheese already.  Fully cooked. serve with black beans, spanish rice, chips and salsa.
* 1 bean and cheese burrito dish- HG's favorite. Serve with verde salsa and spanish rice.
*1 full cooked meatloaf- serve with mashed potatoes and green beans.
*1 fully cooked Italian roast- serve with the above items.
*2 rotel chicken spaghetti dishes- serve with broccoli and bread.
*3 fully cooked chili dishes- cornbread or fijito pies.
*2 pork carnitas ready for slow cooker- serve on tortillas with spanish rice and beans.
*2 pork shoulder roasts ready for slow cooker- vegetables in bag, just add red potatoes.
*tons of frozen vegetables
*cinnamon rolls, pancakes, waffles, oatmeal, egg muffins, blueberry/berry/chocolate muffins, toaster strudels, bacon, eggs, etc.
*crescent rolls, biscuits, french bread.
*Tuesdays- Taco Tuesday
*Friday- Papa Murphy's

Cousin Laura gave this to Harper filled with Melissa and Dough stuff.
It is awesome and very kid friendly, she is the best.
Many people forget that kids can be rough on stuff, and thick plastic can be perfect.
I spy Brobee.
HG sleeping in this morning on her last morning before school begins again.
What a Christmas Holiday this year, praying next year will be better so we can come visit after Christmas.
Harper being silly.
HG gets to celebrate her 1/2 birthday at school on Thursday with a chocolate donut party.
I love that her teachers do this since she has a summer birthday and we are planning to move before July.

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