Wednesday, January 22, 2014

Harper's CT Scan

Harper was scheduled for her sedated CT Scan his morning in preparation for her sinus surgery and tube set 3 coming up.  As many parents know who go through this, no food or drinks after a certain time. Lucky for us, we were scheduled at 8 and had no issues leaving the house in plenty of time to drop HG off. We did her breathing treatments, got ready, gave her singular and loaded up all in 30 minutes with no tears from anyone. HG, the husband and I were even ready before waking Harper.  But.....between the baby sitter and the hospital, maybe 8-9 miles, Harper managed to find one Cheerio in her car seat. One! I even looked before putting her in making sure there was nothing in her seat. The hospital wasn't too pleased and wanted us to wait until 1:30, not allowing her food. Sorry, the husband and I were not going with that. She was already asking for milk, biscuits, pancakes, berries and waffles. I think she was a little hungry. Our only options were to try and reschedule or do it awake. No one thought she could do it awake and we were skeptical as well. This is her 4th CT Scan that we can remember so know what it entails and how still you have to be.

Against all the nurses and one Doctor's faith in her, she did AMAZING in her CT Scan and was 100% awake. No gas, no IV, no medicine of any kind. A sweet nurse found a vanilla pacifier that she loves, daddy got to go in the room, a nurse held her cell phone on You Tube and another guy had a spinning light. Yes, lots of helpers but it only took her tries. Three tries and less than 5 minutes. I think everyone was praying in that room. I stood and watched the guy snap pictures and videos of her tiny little face, nose and sinuses. It was really neat to see all that. He was talking about how small everything  washow petite and cute Harper was. Of course she picked out her outfit last night as refused any shoes but her pink sparkly boots. So much for ever wearing her UGGs, she wants cheap $10 Walmart bling.

Breakfast of her choice since she was a rock star. While we thought it would be Chick Fil A, she opted for Dunkin Donuts. I am surprised they don't have lactose free milk yet but she got white milk and any donut she pleased. After finishing, she was yelling more donuts please. Now, she is spending the day with us while HG is at the sitters until later. Each girls loves soaking up one on one time with us. 

Hopefully we are just one two closer to handling her chronic sinutisis. 

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