Monday, January 20, 2014

Sweet over board

A love for Brobee and rain boots.
And tiny babies.
And a purple tiny bear.

She stayed home a few days last week with just the husband and I.
She was amazingly good.
We had to get over her illnesses even though she was released back for school Tuesday.
It isn't worth the risk for her, might not be again this week
Her age group carries so many tiny littler germs you aren't even aware of, including Harper.
Wednesday, we headed to the ENT to try and stay a head of Harper's ears, nose and throat issues. We love our ENT and she loves her babies (okay, kids!). While we can't really up her medicine since she isn't much larger weight than she was at 9 months, we did figure a few things out. She needs tube set #3, which we knew before the appointment. Some kids get tubes and never have another infection. Others, our ENT calls them trouble makers. They need more than one set. With Harper living in my belly for 5 weeks without fluid, her sinus development pretty much stopped at 29.5 weeks. My fluid was low  before that just not low enough to be admitted. So really, she could have been 10 weeks without fluid in the needed places helping her grow and mature. Then you add a mom who had multiple sets and still gets ear infections,  a sister who had one set and still gets ear infections and an Aunt who gets ear infections at nearly 30. Poor thing was just thrown into this all with no choice. :) Our doctor will check where her adenoids were removed, in rare cases these can grow back quickly, her tonsils and do a sinus surgery. We don't want to remove her tonsils as the recovery is long and no fun.  Instead of just washing and cleaning out her sinuses, balloons will actually be placed in her sinuses to widen them. While they are in place, the doctor will clean and examine the sinus cavities. Unfortunately, our insurance is one of the only ones who have issues with this surgery. So when we had hoped to rush in and have this done Thuraday before I deliver soon, we will now be doing pre certification stuff and waiting about 6 weeks. It has its benefits and its downfalls of course. Waiting of course means more meds, more sickness, more long nights, more being extremely strict the next 6 weeks trying to get her breathing and sinuses under control. The plus side, it would be one less time under general anesthesia since the clean out and expanding would be done at same time. I'll have delivered and somewhat recovered so we can schedule accordingly. While the surgery itself is a fairly quick recovery, babies need their Mommas to recover and this will allow me to hold/carry/sleep next to her. Plus, Hudson will be a few weeks old and we might not be so strict who comes in our house to help by then since it will be time for her surgery.  We are more worried about Harper catching a simple illness, turning into something big and giving it to Hudson.  This is why we have been so strict on we are around and where we have gone the past few weeks.  The girls, they just want to go anywhere or have anyone over.  Luckily, my sister is coming to entertainment soon along with both of our parents and my Aunt, who they worship like a queen.
He has big feet, my rib is right behind his foot. He kicked so hard one day last week that I fell over in extreme pain.  For a moment, I wasn't sure if it was broken or he just knocked the wind straight out of me.  Once I could get my butt off the floor, I was only sore for a bit.  We were thrilled not to be admitted on Thursday and allowed to go another week. Each week we get, I am incredibly thankful. We've never made it to this day in any pregnancy.  Hudson was breathing on the ultrasound, this put my heart and mind at ease. We are prepared to be admitted this week at my appointment if not before. My legs from knees down stay pretty swollen, I am having a hard time moving my feet or ankles after lunchtime, can't sit for any extended time,  hands tingle and go numb far too often, face tingles and a killer headache almost daily. I have to be extremely careful due to my previous stroke even though on blood thinners and have been on the ProCardia for a couple of months. Both lower my blood pressure to almost nothing.  Let's not forget the contractions that everyone is surprised I am tolerating so well. They hurt like heck now and I am always watching to pee on myself or for my water to burst during them.  But I would love to make it until Friday.
Harper was full of attitude and dumped everything back out after we has just cleaned it up. She told me to watch her do it.
Blueberry cupcakes aka muffins.
Cloth diapers are the best.
She told me not to talk because she was exhausted.....three hours later, she was still up.
A few good deals were found Saturday by HG and I. This is so Harper, HG says it looks like a clown but will be adorable on Harper love. It's from Neiman's, originally $90 but I paid $2.69. Brand new with tags. I got 23 tops (all GAP, Old Navy, Gymboree, etc) for girls for next fall, 4 size 3 T jeans for Harper next fall, 5 outfits in 3 T for next fall (3 still had tags, most are Gymboree) a rain jacket for Harper this Spring, 3 summer dresses that HG picked out, 1 purple long sleeve dress for HG, 1 purple play unicorn for HG, 3 outfits for Hudson in a 12 m, 1 Easter sweater for Hudson for next Easter with tags (like the ones my grandmother used to buy us, well over $100!) 2 shorts/skirts for HG and that $90 Neiman's jacket with tags for Harper. Whew! 2 hours but only spent 100.38!! I was beyond excited. :) everything except the summer dresses and spring items went into a plastic container marked girls fall clothes Indy for our move.

Morning play times

36.2 week bare belly shot.
35 weeks vs 36.2 weeks, he has dropped more.
Playing dolls while telling me she plans on being naked all day. ALL DAY mom, just not until 2 o'clock. 

Sweet Harper wet her panties during lunch.  It wasn't a big deal, she finished in her potty. This crushed her, big crocodile tears. When I offered Hudson's cloth diapers to her for all the fun characters, she ate it up. She kept saying they were so soft on her goods, she never wanted to take them off. It didn't cross my mind that when she pee'd in one because they were so soft, she'd just help herself to another. Panties and disposible diapers stay dry on her. At least she is cute sporting them and we are breaking them in some making them more absorbent.

Many of you all have seen this or have fallen victim recently in the area. Please, always take in your valuables or stuff that would be very upsetting if taken. We were home, both cars in drive way, they tagged team the cars until Camo , Chris and I let our presence be known. Thankfully, they got nothing but maybe a charger or two. We don't leave anything valuable in the cars. Our dog went nuts barking and we bounced up.  There is a different bark for various things and you know their barks, after all they are your kids too.
HG made red velvet cake brownies.
Seriously, so easy thanks to Pinterest. 
1 box Betty Crocker red velvet cake mix
1 large egg
1 soften stick of real butter

Simple as that.
Mix, then toss in the fridge for 10-14 minutes before spreading in a brownie pan. This will not be the consistency of brownie batter you are accustomed it. I just knew it was going to be a Pinterest fail. Bake at 350 F for 25 minutes or so, checking around 19-20 minutes. These were surpringsly good. First bite was a little dry but we might have forgotten to set a timer. Both girls loved their little brownie heart we let them have. Harper shoveled it in like a small puppy then proceeded to lick her plate clean.  The girls never get red velvet anything (cake balls a time or two a year) because of all the dyes but Hailey Grace had asked numerous times for red velvet anything mom.

HG also made chocolate pudding freezer pops with our lactose free milk. This is another thing they don't get often but the husband loves them. In the past, we have used certain chocolate syrup from Sprouts and mix with our lactose free milk then froze. When the husband asked for real pudding pops, the girls jumped ALL over it. We actually debated if Harper had ever eaten just plain chocolate pudding. They turned out delicious and both girls enjoyed licking the bowls.

Let's not forget plain ole chocolate chip cookies for the week either. These are the girls favorites by far but both would rather have the dough instead of the baked cookie. Oh yes, such a marvelous unbaked cookie with raw eggs, always tasting so heart stopping good in my girls opinions. I explain to them that raw eggs isn't good for them and they have to be very careful handling the eggs. I even began cooking all Camo's eggs so the girls couldn't question as to why he got them and they didn't. Being a dog has nothing to do with it right?!? Either way, lots of yummy sweets baked for after naps snacks or late night snacks for mom and dad.
For dinner, I had pulled out a Baked Ziti that I made a few weeks back preparing for Hudson's arrival.  While it wasn't thawed in time for dinner and we had to cook individual portions, it turned out SO GOOD.  I can't remember if we had thirds or just seconds, it was a great combination of sauce, pasta and meat.  Then add cheesey garlic bread, we were enjoying amazing fat kid food. Luckily for us, when I prepared it, I made a massive pan which means lots of yummy left overs today.

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