Thursday, April 19, 2012

Sweet surprises

The husband and I arrived home today from his yearly conference and walked into the best surprise.
Not only did Mom and Aunt Tonia keep the girls, they worked their little bottoms off.
Pictures were hung, furniture was moved around, decorations were set out in great places, new guest room bedding, etc.
It was honestly one of the best surprises.
I snapped a few pictures, not with a good camera so you all will have to make do.
It makes the chocolate walls look really dark.
 Hopefully this weekend, we can sand and stain our kitchen table and get this bad boy on the patio.
 One of my favorite pictures ever.

 Living Room view from the kitchen.
We're looking for the perfect Mantel picture but that one works for now.

 The new granite that was installed last week.
 In love with this picture from Aunt Tonia.
 This picture was in my mom's kitchen before she passed away.
 Our little desk area.
We had planned on removing this but it is cut into the tile.
Yeah, no good but it turned out nicely.
Plus it gives HG an area for coloring and crafts on the tile rather than wood or carpet.
 The guest room turned out super cute.
The bedding was a surprise.
 I love these plate chargers and would I have thought to put them like this.
Chris and I were both super excited seeing this.

 She grew a foot while we were gone.
Okay, maybe not a foot.
 They added the zebra to the purple and it is so fun.
 HG's room is adorable.
Yes, we dress up every day.
 Harper's room is so simple but so classy.
 I hope to get her stuff for above her crib this week.

 See, she really grew a foot.
This miss priss is loving all the rocking chairs and gliders in the house.

I will snap the rest of the house soon and post about Orlando.


  1. What a nice surprise to come home and have all of that stuff done around your house. We've got to come see the house soon. It's beautiful! I love all of the pictures of it here. Everything looks so nice. I bet you did miss your babies while you were gone. It's fun to get away, but it's always so nice to get home. :)

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