Wednesday, April 4, 2012


So much to blog about, so little time.
I sware, Kristen always gets the best of my girls.
When I try to snap, it is like a three ring circus.
Plus, my head has been aching around the clock since wacking it.

 Please remind me why I thought a lab puppy was a good idea.....
I mean he is adorable.
And pretty good.
But much more challenging that kids will ever be.

Our ENT visit went well.
Tubes soon.
Poor girl will be at the doctor again in a few days once this infection grows.
Yep, you read that correctly.
She finished her last dose of meds yesterday and one is already stirring.

Easter party tomorrow.
Teachers are getting caramel popcorn drizzeled in chocolate.
Kids are getting peeps, chocolate and jelly beans.
Super fun I tell ya.

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  1. Kristen is SO good! Love the picture of Harper. Sweet pictures of HG too. I'm so sorry she is having so many ear problems. I pray that the tubes fix everything. Is your head ok? Is it when you hit in on the branch during the blubonnets? Girl you got me worried. Get it checked out.