Sunday, April 1, 2012

Palm Sunday

Today was Palm Sunday and we missed the 9 and 11 Mass.
Next, we had the bright idea of going to the 5 o'clock service without  nursery.
Oh goodness, I think the husband and I were both steaming at the ears.
Both girls were loud.
Very loud.
Then we headed to Target for a few items.
HG had a massive break down.
Good times I tell you.

We snapped a few pictures before Mass though.
We're getting better.
Our neighbor brought us some wonderful cookies over.
I think I ate half the plate as soon as the door shut.
You know that feeling where your mouth is watering and you can almost taste the food.
Oh goodness, I could barely control myself.
I just wanted to dive right into them.
But, how could I??
I mean I JUST met these folks and how rude would that be.
I controlled myself.
The announced it in the backyard what I had done.
Out loud.
The husband then showed me exactly which house they lived in.
Next door, as in outside in their driveway next door while I was drooling over the yummy cookies.

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  1. You are such a beautiful family. I LOVE these pictures so much. You all look great in your green. Well we didn't get to any Palm Sunday masses. I feel your pain. It's hard with little ones! At least you braved it. :)