Tuesday, April 10, 2012

Laundry and other tid bits of randomness

Why is it that everything falls in the same week you are preparing to leave town?
Not to mention, I am in a panic about heading out on a jet plane.
Major panic I tell ya.
They are in perfect hands I know but still hard.
I'm afraid the husband would chop off my head if I skipped.
 Loves her spoons.
 Sleepy girl with allergies.
Chick basket for hunting eggs at school. 
Our little Mermaid. 
Standing on kennel for protection. 
 Damn dog.
Started off morning in our overalls. 
By lunch in daisy dukes. 
Lots of strolls. 
Washing stollers.
Dinner outside.
Barbie bike riding.
Loving life.

Tomorrow is an off week for dance.
In other words, we'll probably be in our pajamas for a while tomorrow playing.
Hopefully a nice slow paced morning before our day of a minor surgery Thursday followed by HG's Spring Musical.

1 comment:

  1. Harper in that swing, and in that bathing suit/hat....be still my heart. Adorable! I love HG sitting in that bowl.

    Don't panic about your trip. I am stopping to say prayers right now for you, for peace and safe travels. xo.