Wednesday, April 11, 2012


Harper was up on the hour, each hour during the night.
No fits, just not wanting to sleep or lay down.
I am beyond sleepy.
The husband, well he manages to sleep through it all.
Hopefully when 9 o'clock hits tonight, the girls and I will be in bed.
Harper's surgery is early in the morning.
Prayers please.
There is some concern due to her ears still being so infected and her having a few respiratory in a short four months.
The croup, RSV and bronchitis.
We will arrive with our inhaler in hand.
 Our little friend.
He hangs out daily on this table.
 HG oves to have dinner outside and it makes for easy clean up.

 Lunch at Costco today.
Harper and I were out the door by 9:30 trying to console her and finish errands.
Chris and HG met us at Costco to buy our new disposal and faucet.
 She loved this bear.
 SEe that group?
It was tons of bikers.
I'm talking TONS.
I was so worried about one getting hit because they were all off their bikes and standing on the shoulder.
They were everywhere.
How sweet is this?
I love it.

I am about to take the girls for a walk and try on a few dresses.
Don't you just love trying on clothes after you stuffed yourself silly?
A footlong hotdog and a piece of pizza from Costco.
Those who have eaten there know how much food that is.
But it is sooooooooo cheap!

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  1. Agh! I'm sorry I missed this ahead of time, but I'm praying that Miss Harper's surgery went very well. Girl, Kevin can sleep through anything too, let me tell you. :)

    Who did the painting of HG? I LOVE it!

    We love eating at Costco and Sam's. So good and so inexpensive.