Sunday, April 8, 2012

Easter 2012

Our Easter did go as planned.
We had BIG plans to get up and get going early this morning.
A late nap had the girls up late.
The husband and I can accomplish far too much when it is quiet around here.
Or at least I can.
Lets add the wettest Easter on record and well, we weren't up with the sun.
In fact, we did not see the sun today except for it peeking out this evening.
The Easter bunny was wet hiding the eggs.
She couldn't hide much in the yard do the the crazy rain.
My brother said they were enjoying the 88 degree weather pool side at his father in laws today.
Nice huh?
I did  manage to cook a super 10 + pound yummy ham along with all the traditional sides the husbands loves.
Even Harper loved the mashed potatoes.
I added some breast milk to hers and was a little bird.

I will post the girls in their Easter dresses when I get a chance.
That is another thing that did not go as planned.
Girls had matching dresses.
I'm BIG on matching for Holidays
We always matched.
What happens when you misplace Harper's dress?
And everyone has looked for it?
You make do.
After having a fit and shedding some tears, I decided to be thankful that she is clothed.
And for Hailey Grace's hand me down smockaroo's that almost made me think I needed another girl to pass them down to.
I said ALMOST.
Gotcha, almost.
However, HG has been taking about her baby brother a lot lately.
Kind of scares me.

So for now, our dragging HG out of bed,   wonderful egg hunt will have to do.
And far too much chocolate.
Not for HG, for myself.

Hope everyone had a wonderful Easter.

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  1. Yes, it was a wet and messy Easter for sure. Love all of your pictures. HG looks like she is having a blast. Your ham sounds good. I missed having ham this year. Hope you are having a good week out of town! :)