Sunday, April 1, 2012


We've had a somewhat productive weekend around here.
Yet somewhat sad as well.
When it rains it pours right?
I don't feel like going into details because there is so many in need of prayers right now.
Some are just being selfish.
I will say that my sweet friend Katheryn lost her little boy.
He was only 30 days old.
Born a preemie with SMA.
My heart aches for them.
I can not imagine the emptiness they are feeling.
Blake was beautiful.
She was there with him when he went to be with the good Lord.
Mom has helped with decorating.
I wish I could just leave her alone in the house for a few days and let her go to town.
Oh, Aunt Tonia too.
I am in search of new canisters to go with the chocolate kitchen walls.
Harper love has been feeling good this weekend.  I think it is the first time in months.
We are all so happy about that!!
Friday, we went to Crab Scouts or Joe's crab shack.
She had been begging to go to Crab Scouts for months.
We were thinking she was talking about Red Lobster.
Mia informed us that no, it was not Red Lobster.
She was loving the playground.
Harper was diggin' the patio outside.
She ate a jar of green peas, I changed two dirty diapers, Mia rocked her and then she slept.
It was a great day outside.
I was ever so thankful I had a change of clothes for HG.
Shoes included.
Those rocks were nasty so she was nasty.
I keep debating this car.
Cute, fun and low gas.
How fun would this be? I have been debating it for a while.
But then I see this.
Probably not the best idea huh?
Friday, we had a fish fry in the back yard.
Saturday morning, Harper stuffed herself silly.
Why she seeps in a sleep sack still.
SIDS scared me.
My mom was in a Little Rock magazine.
Thanks Stphanie for the picture!
Camo was waiting on Harper or I to drop her dinner.
Harper enjoying the slide or maybe I should say I was.

This little bikini has gotten its money worth.
HG did not know what a bikini was.
She did not remember it from when she was two.
Now, she is like Ariel with things over her bobbies.
Harper is in the middle.

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