Monday, April 2, 2012


You aren't Texan if you've never had your picture with the bluebonnets.
Or worried about the bees, snakes and other bugs that go with the lovely flowers.
Or had a lovely bug fly in your mouth while you nail your head on a thick tree branch.
I'm talkin' hard enough to make you dizzy and grasping the baby so she doesn't slip out of your arms.

We set out after lunch for a visit a Grandpa in Weatherford.
HG had been missing him and we always love our time we spend out there.
Lucky us, his yard was amazing.
Amazing I tell you!
Bluebonnets or purple bonnets as HG wanted them called were everywhere.
He has always had them but this was the most we've seen.
It was the most perfect patch of bluebonnets surrounded by perfect shade trees.
I even allowed the girls to skip their Johnson's daily sunscreen lotion.
Gasp, I know.

If only everyone would have participated nicely.


  1. Love those pictures! I have got to get some bluebonnet pictures STAT! LOVE THEM!

  2. Those turned out really cute, even though it was hectic for you. I can totally relate to that.

    It's for the memories, is what I keep telling myself. :)