Sunday, May 19, 2013

Chocolate donuts

Harper woke so happy on Saturday. She loves shoes.

Saturday after Harper's nap, we headed to irving to Kalli's gymnastics meet.
We made it shortly before the event was over and quickly headed to their house for a visit.
Kalli spent the night and when i asked what they wanted to do, Chuck E Cheese was the only answer.
Then Harper started chanting Chuck Cheese with no earthly idea what it meant.

So we braved CEC on a Saturday evening.
We were the only ones at a table in the toddler area.
The place was busy but there was a party of 65.
Yes, 65 people, adults and kids.
i wll say that i did not get frustrated once and all the other kids were well behaved.
i do think we will stick to 9:30 in the mornings though.
i may or may not have carried sanitizer and lysol spray around.

We headed to DFW around 7:30 to grab the husband.
We trotted in to the baggage claim area surprising the husband.
Harper sprinted screaming once she spotted Chris.
So sweet and caught a huge audience.
Even scored her two balloons.

The big girls were wound up.

Friends spending the night means donuts for breakfast.
Sleepy, sad, angry and confused.
Long legged gal.
Gymnastics on the landing.

She is so good.
We spend the morning at Mass and lunch with the grandparents (husbands parents).
Both girls were super excited to see them as it has been a few weeks.
Our schedules have both been super busy.
Thank you for joining us and treating us.
HG loves going to Mass at her school.
Even though we live a mile from a really nice Church.
She squeals with excitement seeing her friends and Fr Ahn.
As soon as lunch was over, the husband darted out for house showings then we all rushed to DFW.
As quickly as he flew in, he flew out.
Less than 24 hours.
His luggage took forever last night so it was 9:15 before we even stepped foot in the door.
Baths, laundry from stinky CEC and then a movie.
i fell asleep before the big girls were down.
Chris watched a movie with them.
Many tears were shed today, for hours.
Even before he left.
Add sleepiness in the mix and we all want to cry.
Both girls stood at his feet while he was rushing to pack the clean clothes i had just finished.
We were doing okay, finally.
No one was crying for daddy at bedtime.
Or after school because they just wanted to talk to him.
Now, it starts all over.
My heart is in a million pieces for them.
Don't get me wrong, we wanted him to come home.
We want him at home every day.
We loved seeing him.
it still hurts my heart when my girls bawl over it.

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