Tuesday, May 14, 2013


I could post pictures for weeks of our Maui trip.
A few different cameras, our cell phones, friends cameras, etc.

Highlights of our trip (so I can remember what days we did what next year!)
Wednesday- Flew in, got jeep, checked in and toured hotel. Dinner with the Steels at Sansei, probably best sushi ever.
Thursday- Pool side, rode around the island, Makena beach,  late lunch at Buzz's Wharf and room service for dinner. Early bed due to being up at 4am.
Friday- Rafting boat trip with Swopes then dinner with Swopes and Deckers at Monkey Pod. So yummy!
Saturday- Road to Hana with the Deckers. Dinner at Capische which was excellent with the four of us.
Sunday- Conference began early afternoon, meet and greet poolside, meat cutting contest, dinner and general session.
Monday- General Sesson w/awards, lunch, went to spa in morning, Volleyball tournament, poolside, MP night.  Joe Walsh and Glenn Frey concert and Mogollon late night (they also played poolside daily).
Tuesday- Bike ride with group and dinner at Humuhumunukunukuapua wth half the group. Late night was Third Eye Blind..
Wednesday- 5K, pool time, farewell dinner, closing session, Trace Adkins and Uncle Kracker.
Thursday- early lunch, pool, delayed flight.


 Promise the Maui posts will stop.
Pretty easy to jump on here and see what the events were from the previous year.
Next year, it is much closer and in beautiful golfing areas.

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  1. It's so beautiful over there. I love your pictures. You could post for days, and I'd never get tired of seeing them. :) I'm so glad you had a good time. You look so pretty and happy!