Wednesday, May 22, 2013

Lunch date

Tuesday was Hailey Grace's last full day of school for summer.
She has graduation and a party Thursday followed by a tropical day on Tuesday.
Seriously so sad May is already here, it is summer.
I know our last few months in the area are going to fly by.
Luckily, the husband found out that his boss is on the same page about an opening date.
No moving in August.
We were thinking we were moving again in August.
So this summer, it will be full of playing.
Playing with friends and family who we won't get to see so often once school begins.
With HG's last full day of school came the risk of severe storms.
Harper and I remained in Grapevine the whole day.
We attended the end of school Blessing.
Or attempted to.
Harper had a rough day.
She was chewing on everything in site, squealing in pain and just down right miserable.
After the kids sang and HG got her Blessing, we snuck out.
I am sure everyone was sick of the screaming and yelling.
After stops at Target and the stores by it where I made her ride in her ergo, she had woken from a nap with smiles.
It was nearly 12:30, she refused food all morning so we headed across the street to CFA.
If she wouldn't eat then she would be happy playing.
We enjoyed ourselves and friends we met for over an hour.
Harper might have been the bully of the play ground for a bit.

She rested in this spot so many times.

While HG and I were weather watching,
she was getting into the oreos.

waffles and green goddess for breakfast today.

Thankfully, she slept 13 hours last night and woke up feeling much better.
I just hate it when the babies have an off day and nothing you can do helps.
We haven't been giving her the teething tablets after numerous people telling me about law suits, brain bleeds and seizures.
I do think they work, sometimes they helped a lot.
Our old Pedi was 100% against them.
100% and even got onto me for using them with both girls.
We've made it this far and only have two more to come in over the summer, the end is near.
For now, we will stick to tylenol and advil if needed.
Amazing what a frozen toothbrush or paci can do.
Freeze them in ice deals so that when you pop them out, the ice is on the toothbrush for paci.
I've tried pear and apple juice as well.
Popsicles work nicely as well.

With Harper feeling better, we are all perkier.
Tomorrow is a big day for us.


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