Monday, May 20, 2013


My heart aches again tonight.
Sometimes i wonder if it will explode from all the heart ache lately.
My dad finally got a hold of me around 6.
Had we seen the news?
What news?
We were drippng wet leaving Keller Pointe.
Then he told me.
He knew we had friends in the area and in the area this storm was moving.
Part of me keeps thinking we will wake tomorrow and it will all be a dream.
Part of me knows that won't happen.
Prayers, prayers and more prayers.
Everyone we have spoken to is okay but has directly been effected.
Praying with everything we have in us.
Happy 7 years to my wonderful husband!

Someone got a too messy at dinner.

This was left too close while packing HG's lunch and Harper's Church snack for tomorrow.

Park date before swimming. HG refused the camera.
HG is still having a hard time missng Daddy but doing better..

Our little swimmers. We switch days next week and both girls have Ms Julie.

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  1. I know, the news made me literally gasp last night. I don't understand what's going on. I know it's mother nature, but I can almost understand a crime more than I can understand this type of devastation, if that makes any sense. I hope and pray that everyone you know personally is ok. Hugs!

    happy anniversary friend.