Sunday, May 12, 2013

Road to Hana Part 2

As we  continued around on the road to Hana, the weather grew cooler.
It is amazing that on one island, you can feel so many different climates.
 Beautiful bird at lunch in Hana.

 Black crabs every where!

 A blow hole filling up.

 The scenery is amazing.
 Red sand beach. It was a hike, definitely not for the weak.
It was beautiful.

 Perfect little cove for swimming.
Much too cool by the time we arrived at 3:30.
Did I mention it was a nude beach?

 Loved each and every waterfall.

 We continued on the road less traveled instead of turning around in Hana.
 Some of the prettiest things were hidden in this area.

On the road to Hana, you pass many amazing things you wouldn't normally see on the other side of Maui. I was skeptical of this trip mainly due to the fact that it took all day. I am so glad I went. Oh so glad. Paia is my new favorite town thanks to the trip. Such a perfect little hippy town. Jaws beach is so fun to watch people surf. Yes, there are sharks in this area of the island and many people still brave it trying to catch that perfect wave.

Will we do this trip again? I'm sure we would do it again to enjoy certain spots along the Hana highway. Paia, the black and red beaches and unique dining, etc. We talked about how it would be neat to actually spend the night in Hana or Paia on the trip rather to be able to spend more time at certain areas and allowing to find new things. 

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  1. GORGEOUS pictures.
    I love Hawaii so deeply. I can sometimes close my eyes and feel like I'm back there. I'm glad it was a great trip!