Friday, May 3, 2013

East Texas

Sometimes a trip out East is just what the doctor ordered. Well that is until my throat started hurting again. Every single time. Pine trees everywhere, tons of flowers and lots of land. Oh the land.

The girls love it out here. There is so much you miss living in the city and vice versa. Harper was able to stay outside longer than her 'one hour daily' and ran wild for hours. Her doctor said this is the clearest she has ever seen her. Sweet. Poppy cooked a ton of food, Danielle prepared the girls for a cook out and Auntie Collins even came by. Unfortunately, I rarely sleep good here. Wonder why? Both girls are still asleep as I type, Harper was up 3 hours past her bedtime. I was up a couple hours during the night and at 6:30 for the day. Lots to do before I leave to head home but girls are sleeping so good.

The drive is never fun, a mere 3 1/2 hours but two little girls eager to drive faster. Before we were even in downtown Dallas, I had been asked 10 times if we were there yet. We are a good hour from Dallas but made it in record timing today. I will be making the drive back alone while the girls hang out with family for a few days. I don't think Harper is too thrilled about that. In fact, today as I drive away might be hell. Maybe I will do it during nap time. Luckily, she does extremely well with my sister so she should be able to whip her into shape.

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