Monday, May 13, 2013

Mother's Day

We celebrated Mother's Day low key this year. I am beyond Blessed in life with my girls and husband. I love them so much it hurts. They make my world an amazing place even though the husband cocked an attitude when I asked him to help me for 5 minutes Sunday morning. :) With the husband and I recently returning from Maui and the girls from Arkansas, we didn't have a single thing planned for the Holiday. Saturday, we arrived home at dinner time, the husband left today for a while and had Sunday planned for lots of house showings. How could I possibly fit anything else in one day? the girls and I still pray for the day for no travel. Pray with us. Leaving the airport today was a nightmare, both girls hysterical.

Life doesn't always pan out the way we want but God has a plan for each and everyone of us. I've had to remind myself of that often this weekend. Fairly often this weekend to be exact. I truly believe it, even in challenging times, HE shines through. After all, we are living for HIM. Today was a perfect example of people living through him. i was humbled, i was amazed, i was brought to tears and speechless.  Those around, smiled at my tears of happiness. Always when we least expect it. GOD is SO GOOD.  i am so humble.
Ganging up on us while in trouble.

Oh the cuteness.

Beach babe that hates cold water and the sun.
Oh and eats sand.

HG has missed twp weeks of school so she wanted to prep tonight, all her idea.
Lavender mask will leave her feeling beautiful in the morning.
i said no to the Tangled costume.
And Dorothy.
And Ariel.
And Cinderella.

Riding pigs is normal right?

We are loving being back at home.
Yard work calls, school projects, laundry, etc.
Before we hit this week hard, i wll enjoy my glass of wine.

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  1. I'm glad you are all home safe.
    Praying for no travel in the future for Chris. I know it's SO hard!
    Love these pictures, especially the face mask.