Tuesday, May 7, 2013

Road to Hana Part 1

If you've ever done the road to Hana then you understand the amazing beauty.
Waterfalls, hikes, black sand beaches, red sand beaches.
And length of the trip.
Seriously, it took us over 11 hours and we didn't stop at every thing.
We chose to do this with some of our good friends.
We all get along very well and could handle being in the car together that long.
Once in Hana, we ate at a local place and then kept going around the island.
You know the area they tell you not to continue through.
The area not covered by rental cars.
The area we decided was the most magnificent

 coast line in Maui.


  1. Such gorgeous pictures! I want to go!

  2. Thanks for sharing! We were on our honeymoon and we decided to go on a tour of Hana. But, on the tour our tour van was hit by another vehicle. Luckily, there was only minor damage. It rained while we were at Black sand beach and we had to turn around due to a fire. If that weren't enough, six weeks later, we lost our pictures when our new home was destroyed by Hurricane Katrina. I always love seeing Maui pictures to help us relive those memories. Thanks for sharing!