Thursday, May 16, 2013

Things lately

it has been one of those weeks.
One of those weeks where you want to scream from the top of the mountains.
One of those weeks you just don't understand.
One of those weeks you know there is a far greater plan.
One of those weeks you know there is a far greater plan for us and for you.
My heart goes out to those suffering from all the tornadoes.
My heart goes out to those who lost loved ones this week.
Far too many lately.

She's a hoot.

Happy hour at our house.

uh oh!

Future drummers?

Big shoes to fill
(She made it all over the drive way in these and then tossed them in the garage cans. ha)

Rockin' the house.

Two peas in a pod.

This caused Harper to puke more than once.

We are supergirls n our house.

Amen. We can plan our lives but nothing will really happen until it is our time.
Our plan according to HiM.

We are busy preparing for end of school and graduation next week. The husband flies through for 24 hours as a surprise this weekend. Both girls cry daily for him. Harper keeps looking for him because he is bound to be around here somewhere. She even looks under the desk, like he is hiding.


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  1. My heart is aching over the tornadoes as well. Although, I am now officially jealous of you having Sonic!