Monday, July 22, 2013

5th Birthday water park Birthday

We celebrated Hailey Grace's 5th Birthday all weekend long.
Each of us are equally tired today, Harper even scoring a 3 hour nap.
We'll take the tiredness because we had so much fun this past weekend.

Sunday, we had HG's actual Birthday party for her friends and we also invited family.
After much thought, we went with the same pool as her 4th Birthday party and glad we did.
Kids love to swim.
Parents love for their kids to swim and wear themselves out.
Win win for all.

This year, we asked for canned good and pantry items rather than gifts.
HG donating these items in honor of her Birthday brings great joy.
So many people in need on a daily basis but in the extreme weather, there is always a greater need.
We will deliver the items tomorrow and if you follow on IG or FB, we will be sure to post.
Friends and family were so thoughtful to also bring HG gifts.
She was beyond excited about everything.

Over all, we were very pleased with the party.
We thought it went perfectly until this morning.
I am really sorry to anyone that had less than a perfect time.
I wish I could make everyone in the world be nice, especially at a 5 year old's birthday party.
A smile goes a long way and I tend to think people forget. 

After the party, we continued to celebrate.
Chris' best friend and his girl friend invited some of us over to their new house.
We had quite the crowd and lots of fun.
Lots of dips, grilled venison back strap, steak, hot dogs for the kids and dessert.
We feel as if we took over their house but they were always so calm with it.

Sunday was such an amazing day for Hailey Grace.
So hard to believe she is actually 5 now.
Her check up was perfect.
90% for weight, 91% for height.
Baby big  is growing like a weed, 3 1/2 inches from 4 to 5. 
Our old Doctor missed a shot at 12 months so she had to get one today.
Took it like a champ, no pain at all she said.
Highly impressed.
Froyo was her surprise.


  1. Cute pictures and how fun that you celebrated all day long. You guys throw a fun party...Boyd had a ball. Thanks again for having us! xo

  2. How did we miss HG's bday party?!? Was this when we were in Hot Springs? Oh man, I'm so bummed!! We'll have to have another mini celebration when you get back from vacation!