Tuesday, July 16, 2013

Play dates in the rain

Monday was greeted with more rain, almost constant rain. We braved the roads and headed to Chick Fil A in Grapevine with our friends Stephanie and Harper. We arrived a little before 11 and stayed until 2. Such fun! That chick Fil A is probably our favorite in the area. We were greeted to free chicken minis upon arriving, a cool day for their covered outdoor play ground and good fun. We weren't ready to go our separate ways so of course a trip to Target was next. Harper was done but popcorn saved the day. We had such a fun day on such a gloomy, cool day!

As rain allows you to do, we accomplished many projects. HG decided MONDAY that she wanted to switch up her party favors a bit. She wanted to give Popsicles as well. So we found bags, put the beach balls, bubbles and 3 Popsicles tied with a Princess ribbon in them. Not as cute as previous but this is HER big birthday. Just about everything is ready for her party on Sunday besides the drinks. I love having to do very little for a Birthday party she loves. :)

This morning we were greeted with a few light showers and cloudy skies. Our previous plans for Hawaiian falls did not work out but Nicolle had the great idea of the trampoline park. Both girls loved this place! We will be going back often I imagine. With it being Tuesday, we just had to visit Rosa's . Always fun and enjoyable with Nicolle and Boyd.

We did a few errands this afternoon but both girls were having break down after break down. seriously, on the same freaking day! My head was about to spin. While leaving Big Lots (that was a bust except we scored a ton of dried fruit and sun screen), HG proceeded to have a major break down over a candy machine. Not for candy but those stupid, junk toys in the machines. She had two quarters and didn't get what she wanted either time. I'm talking major tears, yelling for more quarters, shaking the machine because like that would give her that specific toy. Well mean ole Momma grabbed the ring and ball she had gotten and trashed them. In the trash can. She didn't want them, I sure the heck didn't. By this time, we had all the elderly watching us and gossiping amongst themselves. HG, still kicking and screaming while Harper kept repeating uh oh. I spanked HG in the middle of Big Lots. I don't normally spank in front of big crowds, I tend to take them to a more private area so we can also discuss why she is being punished. The ladies began saying, I would have bent her over my knee and given her a little more. Well lady, I'm not bending 50 pounds over my knee in mid air. She quit making comments after I said that and that it had probably been 90 years since she had a child. Okay, it was probably only 60 but still, parenting has changed a lot. I've gone out on calls when working for CPS over a parenting spanking their child in Walmart and someone calling CPS on them. Seriously! We hurried out of that store, HG still crying and smarting off. I was nice, calm and direct. I gave her two choices, to quit crying and fit throwing or to take a nap. It was up to her. Usually giving her two choices, she chooses and we get on with our lives in better moods. Today, she said those choices sucked. Heck, when on earth did she start talking like that? My flip flop my have spanked her bottom in the parking lot because i wasn't wearing a belt. I'm sure there was smoke coming out of my ears and my head was spinning in circles. Needless to say, we came home and she went straight down for a rest. With 20 minutes left, in praying she is smiling when she can get up. Harper on the other hand has been screaming for 50 minutes. I rock, pat, sing, lay with her, etc. Almost too late for her to nap because she will be up until 11. Oh these are the days I would do anything for the husband to walk through the door at 6, a normal work schedule so I could hide in a close for 5 minutes or pee alone without tears. No such luck on the husband ever working normal. Okay, pitty party over.


  1. We had a lot of fun playing! Thanks for meeting up, and we owe you guys a waterpark date! I didn't post pictures yet from yesterday of the kids, but will soon. I'm beat and my allergies are kicking my butt.

  2. Oh and the way you wrote about the girls and the whole acting up, the flip flop, the 90 year olds...I can relate, I feel for you, and I died laughing!