Tuesday, July 16, 2013


With Hailey Grace's 5th Birthday party this weekend, my little pooch, 4 ultrasounds under the belt and finishing out week 10, we figured it was about time to share our little secret with you............

Those letters, they are sweet initials that will soon be put to use. We are having baby #3 in early 2014 and couldn't feel more Blessed. Pregnancies are never easy for me but we've definitely been very lucky so far on this one. While we don't know what day the baby will be born, he or she will arrive by 2/1 due to my Thrombophilia issues.  Anything after 38 weeks puts the baby and I at great risk for blood clots, strokes and a failing placenta. I'm praying, as many are, that the baby stays put until late January. While we've never made it to 38 weeks, or even 37 weeks, each pregnancy is different.  My body has reacted well to the Lovenox shots with only one bad bruise so far.
Heartbeat was 103, the prevous ultrasound at 5w4d, we weren't able to see the heartbeat yet.

The initials will be the same whether boy or girl.
Same first name, similar middle.
We haven't decided if we will share the name yet.
Opinions are always given, even when unnecesary and can be hurtful.
6w3d baby is on far right heartbeat was 133

9 weeks heartbeat 176

All old tales say girl.
Calendar, Baking soda test, heart rate so far, face break outs.
The ring test is up in the air, started with a boy and ended with a boy.
5 and 5 but i haven't had 10 pregnancies that i know of, only 6.
We will be thrilled with whatever God gves us.
This pregnancy is a blessing, a gift from God.
Heidi took some fun pictures for our announcements.

Stay tuned mid August when we find out gender.


  1. how fun!! These are precious! Congrats to you all! xo

  2. You look so beautiful! The pictures are great, and you know I'm happy for you...and praying.