Thursday, July 11, 2013

Bedroom work

We finally decided to remain in our house for now. I mean who wants to move anything in Texas in the summer just to turn around an move it early 2014? I didn't argue a bit!

With that, we changed our room from tan to polished silver a few months back. Probably longer than a few months. As time does though, it flew by. Our bedding was blue and brown in a silver room. The paint has blue undertones but the brown curtains didn't match. With the tan, everything looked lovely.

Neither one of us wanted to break the bank on a nice comforter set knowing we will be moving soon. Who knows what our bedroom will look like. However, we wanted something pretty and a quilt (it is hot in Texas now but I love quilts) that we could fold down at night. I've looked a few places but found nothing I loved for less $300-$450. Ugh, what a bummer. Then if we by chance found something, it was either too girly or too manly. Low and behold, Target had a cute quilt set that was inexpensive. Less than $100! Both the husband and I liked it and HG bounced around helping switch things out. While it isn't fancy and may not last more than a year or two, it is perfect for us right now. Brightens up our room with the yellow. Now only if I could wiggle my nose and we had a new bedroom suite. Then again, that is no fun switching out or moving. Plus, it gives me more time to save up and look. Or have our current furniture redone and just add a new bed.

We landed a couple extra throw pillows and curtains from IKEA for very inexpensive. The curtains need some work but I will get that next week. Nothing that a needle and thread can't fix. :)

Our frame for above the bed should be going up on Saturday. So strange, we have been here over a year and just now putting one up.

Next project is our mirrors in our bathroom. I promised this would be a project I wouldn't attempt. After pulling the rod out of the wall when switching curtains, I will be careful attempting too much alone. We will be framing them with molding instead of buying new mirrors. Backsplash in kitchen after that. Maybe before depending on the husband's work schedule.

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