Wednesday, July 24, 2013

IG Phone dump

Our took a pukey turn for the worst.
Sad that our play date was canceled this morning but now thankful we didn't pass our germs to our friends. 
I've been worried about an ear ache all week so off to the doctor in the morning.

New beach bag for a beach trip coming up.

HG's Barbie auction.


Froyo date

Messy girls

Cake pops

Making cake pops

Harper thought it was so cool

Apparently she thought they tasted good as well.
They weren't anything like real cake pops but perfect for kids.

Everyone cleans naked right?

We scored a 9 foot pre lit Christmas tree for our entry this year for $10.
We can't travel during the Holidays so will have many in and out of our house.

Naked baby in the camper


Dressed herself

Never a good sign.

girls girls and more girls

In bed at 7, both on Ipads playing

Looking at houses, we laughed at the temps this week.
Seems like CB in the summer time.

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