Friday, July 19, 2013

Things lately

Both girls woke up on the wrong side of the bed today.
Wow, we couldn't figure out why they were both so pissy.
We were all ready to pull our hair out before lunch.
The husband is back in town thankfully.
Poor thing comes in town just in time to mow.
Most of these pictures are on instagram but they will have to do.
Proud of dressing herself

Once a month, we scrub and clean stairs.
Really, we try to do it more but sometimes it is a month.

Being sweet.

Next Taylor Swift?

Making cookies

Sweet baby with her baby (who actually has clothes on!)

Rock star swmmer who got promoted big time.

Harper being Harper

Lunch today at in n out was a fail.

HG and her old school iphone.

Never eats but threw a fit for bacon so bacon she got.

HG helped make fresh lemon icebox pie and we cheated on the key lime a little.
Next up, fresh peach.

Had a little cereal today.

Coffee date.

Dressed herself once again


Cute videos.

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