Tuesday, August 6, 2013

Play dates and bargains

Super neat play date this morning with Stephanie and Heidi. We decided on Barnes n Noble to beat the heat.

After, we decided on our usual Taco Tuesday. After we start our new budget, that might be the only place we eat out. :)

Then we needed to get a nap mat for Harper and do a few odds and ends. We decided to stop in Goodwill after we finished to look for clay halloween or fall pots. While we found one, it shattered in a million pieces walking in the house. I was so upset, it was perfectly painted. Such a bummer. I did manage to score a brand new Moses basket with the bedding and mattress for $20. It is a company out of Denver and beautiful. The bedding had a tiny, minor stain but a wash in bleach took it right out. Another wash later to help rid the bleach smell, looks perfect. I am so excited, I wanted one with both girls but never got one. It will be nice to have with the stairs and recovering from a C Section and during our move. It is quit a hike up to Indy so we're planning on staying with my Aunt for a night or two during the drive. She is half way between Dallas and Indy. Lucky for us, we will still be able to visit Batesville.

The baby looked perfect yesterday. She/he kept waving at us and wanted to look straight at us instead of giving us a profile shot. My Dr did the actual scan again so the pictures aren't totally clear. The measurements were great and the scan for downs looks good. I believe it was an average of 1.7, some lower around 1.3 and highest being 1.9. Heart rate was 167 but i might have had a coke prior to heading to the doctor. Hard to believe that next week begins our appointments with the Specialist. Once they start, I see a dr quite often with weekly scans. We should find out gender next week, HG is beside herself and counts down daily. I guess we will be taking her to the appointment. :)

The rest of the week includes evening or morning lake time (which ever is coolest), Chris getting over bronchitis and laryngitis, seeing family, birthday party, and swim lessons. I'm hoping the yard fairy magically appears soon because it is just about embarrassing.

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  1. I'm so happy that everything is going well with the baby! A true blessing. Thank you Jesus.
    Harper and the coffee maker. haha. Love it, and her!