Wednesday, August 14, 2013


We've had a low key week.
Harper had belly issues once again after not eating for a few days and the milk causing serious gas and stomach pains.
7 1/2 hours of screaming and crying over night.
The doctor gave her a clean bill of health just lots of gas from a belly ache.
This is caused by not eating for days and letting the milk cause harm.
No worries, she isn't constipated.
We don't do apple juice often and do miralax.
She only gets a small amount of milk even when she doesn't eat.
We've all but stopped any milk.
She has had a total of 4 ounces today and 3 ounces of vanilla almond milk which has tons less fat and calories.
While she ate beautifully last night, today wasn't too hot but more than a normal day.
But with finally going to sleep once the sun was up for an hour, we were all exhausted.
Our dinner plans to celebrate the father in law's birthday had to be canceled.
Our girls were crushed they weren't able to play with their favorite twins, Claire and Olivia.
HG has even been calling her dolls by their names.
On way to the doctor.

With some extra time this week, we got a head start on Harper's Birthday.
We had decided against doing anything but eventually gave in to a small, low key celebration.
HG's craft today was the envelopes.
So fun and thankful we didn't have to do a ton.
Tomorrow is our appointment with one of our Specialist.
We are all pretty excited and this marks the start of the maddness.
Things will fly by.
Plus, if the baby cooperates then we will know if she or he.
The girls have had so much fun with boxes this summer.

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