Friday, August 9, 2013

Chicken Enchiladas

It is no secret that we like to eat around here. Eat a lot to be exact. Right now, I can not get enough burgers. Yuck huh? Not like McDonalds or Wendy's but rather a big, fat, juicy burger. My mouth is watering just thinking about it.

While my arteries are probably getting clogged, I opted for a healthier dish tonight.  It called for chicken thighs so I dove in and bought from Sprouts with the bones already pulled. The husband loves dark meat, HG and I are white meat only but I must say it turned out delicious. Of course I added some stuff to it but I have enough left over to make soup or similar one night and another night of chicken enchiladas. I was blown away at how easy it was and how much it made. Even the husband was. Plus it is storming out here, amazing in itself, so I added some guacamole, beans and rice to make the meal a little heartier. To help prevent me from waking during the night to eat.

Chicken Enchiladas

We opted for verde sauce instead of the red enchilada sauce.
I also added half a packet of taco seasoning once I shredded the chicken.
I put the chicken in a slow cooker and topped with verde sauce and onions early this morning so shortly after lunch, they were ready to be shredded.  I was concerned about the amount of liquid but once shredded and the green chilis were added, it worked out nicely.  I then turned on warm for a few hours before adding taco seasoning. Everything turned out delicious, even HG was diving into it.  Plus, we had so much in the slow cooker once shredded.  I have a large container in the freezer for another enchilada night soon.  Another container is in the fridge for taco soup, salad or baked potato toppings this week.  Three meals out of one simple dish. Yes!


Found at Kid to Kid early this morning.
New with tags, $3 with 15% off and no tax.
So in love.

Trying to snag a sip of weak coffee.

Dusting the condo.

Lunch at Aspen Creek

Such a mess.


Got my maternity clothes out, washed and FINALLY hung up tonight.
I popped over night and these bad girls will be put to action sooner than later.

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  1. The enchiladas sound delicious! Kevin is not a fan of chicken thighs, but I like them. Funny! And now you've got me wanting a nice, juicy burger. :) Love your pictures, and that cute sweater you found is adorable!