Monday, August 5, 2013

Fishing lures

The majority of our evening was spent chasing each other with fishing lures and laughing hysterically. Such fun in something so simple.

We are home and almost fully unpacked, just a few things left. That was our plan today but leaving at 11 for Mass followed by Sprouts for veggies, fruits and meats then Kroger for the rest, it was nearly 4:00 when we pulled into drive way. That did include a stop at Buffalo Wild Wings. HG has been begging to go for about six months now and we kept putting it off. Harper was asleep so we darted in for a quick mommy-daughter lunch date. She was SO excited and even had mild boneless wings. Such a big girl.

Lots to catch up on in every day life and the blog. The heat is really getting to people and I have been in various stages of pregnancy in the summer but this is rough. With HG, I was close to the end so was just miserable and heat didn't help with swelling, pre term labor, etc. But overall, i felt great delivering in July with a great recovery. With Harper, it was my 2nd trimester and I felt great all summer long. Well, as long as I was on Zofran around the clock. I didn't tire easily, I had tons of energy, and did so much. This time, just coasting out of the 1st trimester into the 2nd, the summer is rough on the early stages. Any sickness, the heat adds to it. I am so thankful I haven't been sick until recently and I blame the heat mostly and reflux. I am not supposed to be outside until temps drop back close to 90, so indoor activities for now. Each pregnancy is so different as each season you carry. What might be easy for me might be rough on another. With hopefully only 2 more months of hot weather, I see lots of fall days outside playing or grilling.

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