Monday, August 19, 2013


Since finding out that baby Hudson is a boy, we gave all been on cloud 9. After 5+ years of only pink and purple, we are starting to add boy colors. So fun! This is something I honestly never thought we would experience unless we adopted in the future.
From our fun reveal where Harper was not wanting any part of it to a birthday celebration for Grandaddy on Thursday, it was a fabulous day. HG and the husband even had lunch of hot wings. Did I mention I'm already half way to what I gained the entire time with Harper and 3/4 way to HG. I am starving every couple of of hours. Maybe I will meet their 30 pound gain request in no time.

If you notice the cake, we got a good laugh. I guess that is what we get for getting a cake where very few people speak English. Oh well, it went down without any issues.

Friday was our reveal pictures with Heidi and her boys followed by lunch at Chick Fil A. We went to our favorite one but much to our surprise it was a zoo. A group of 10 moms not paying any attention to their kids. I helped a 3-4 year old down from the top of the play area twice. Not inside but rather had climbed the outside. Kids hitting and kicking while the moms did nothing but sit on their butts. I watched as one family left after her son was physically hurt. I kept saving Harper from being carried by the same girl over and over. I asked nicely, loud enough for her mom to hear, to please not carry my child. Needless to say, she didn't. Enough was enough so we headed out. Upon arrival home, Chris noticed a mark on Harper's face. I saw It as well but thought it was a scratch and had planned on bathing them and cleaning it pretty soon after we arrived home. She didn't mention it hurt or complain about it. Once we really looked at it to clean it, the teeth were clear as day and the mark was growing redder. You could see the individual teeth on the bottom. I was livid. Bites happens HG was a world class biter. I was mad at the fact, I watched her the entire time at CFA even with the 20+ kids and somehow I missed it. I'm wondering if it was when I ran in the play area and Harper was underneath all the kids. I rescued her but she was fine and yelling slide. Ugh! Soap, ointment, diaper cream and lots of kisses helped heal quickly. Today, only 2 of the teeth marks remain. Cadent and HG asked if we could pick up CFA next time and go to a park instead. YES WE CAN!!

The husband has been spending lots of time with our million dollar dog as I call him. He is on his way home soon just in time for a big hunt and some trial runs. We've had a dog for 18 months, he just hasn't lived with us. Ha! It will be nice to have him home as we start paying for two kids in school. I just thought they were expensive when younger!

Saturday greet HG and I to some alone time picking up some birthday gifts, mailing stuff and giving my poor car a bath. The older she gets, the more one on one time she really needs and wants. It was a great afternoon all catered to her. Lunch at whataburger, her favorite started off our errands. After our errands errands finished up, we scooped up Daddy and Harper to head over to good friends of ours. Justin had a birthday and Meghan slaved away all day with help of Stephanie. Cake, cookies, brownies, ice cream topped with big red (his favorite), dips, crackers/cheese, lasagna, vegetables and asparagus. It was amazing!!! All the kids had so much fun, they were so sweet for inviting us over. Meghan and Stephanie have a little baby shower in the works for Hudson and I am just beside myself. So lucky to have such caring and amazing friends!!

Sunday rolled around and when I thought we would all be exhausted, we weren't at all. Loaded up and headed out by 9, a stop for breakfast and a latte, we were hitting the highway. First stop, well besides a terrible car sickness stop, was Poppy's for lunch. Harper and Hailey played and played with a Uncle Ryan's old Legos. Both girls took turns switching out laps between Poppy and Danielle during our visit. We are trying to soak up as much time as we can before our big move. We are loaded up and hitting the highway again. Next stop, Little Rock.

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