Thursday, August 1, 2013

Dirty waters

Life is going smoothly down here on Galveston island. We are about 30 minutes west of Galveston so quite the hike. After not visiting the Texas Coast for a number of years, we are sadly reminded as to why we don't. Our trip has been great, the Texas Coast is just dirty and not pretty. The waters are dirty, full of jelly fish and too many sharks for me. We are very spoiled in our travels as is the other family we are here with. We like white sand, clear waters and delicious food everywhere. While we are thankful for our trip with friends, we quickly learned this will be our last vacation to the Texas Coast in this area.


  1. Bummer.
    Port A is about my favorite for the Texas coast. I love it there, actually. But I hear ya, and FL has the best beaches.

  2. Haven't been to Galveston, but I do enjoy Florida's beaches :)

    Per your comment...that is just too funny. I actually grew up in Batesville (lived there for 14+ years). Small world!