Tuesday, August 20, 2013

Little Rock and play dates

Playing with Aunt Tonia, Mia and Mr Scott as the girls call him. Both girls love it here in Little Rock as does their momma. So beautiful, Arkansas is a must on everyone's bucket list.

We've eaten, eaten a little more and then even more on top of that. Then dessert.

We've gone swimming daily. The pool is much cooler when highs are 80's.

Had cupcakes today. Vanilla, chocolate and lemon. Oh the lemon.

Had the best play date today that was very past due. Graham and HG played like long lost friends. Hendrix is the sweetest little boy and Harper just had to hold him a time or two. Stephanie and I go way back, she is just the sweetest and so fun. I have a truck load of newborn and 0-3 month little boy clothes, tons of bottles, socks, pacifiers,etc. oh my word, little boy stuff everywhere!!! All so adorable and just perfect. Amazing how quickly you forget just how small those babies are. The girls and I have played with everything three times and cant wait for Hudson to wear them. Thank you Stephanie!!!!

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  1. That last photo of Harper is darling!!!!!!! Y'all are a family on the go!